Winton (B.V.I.) Limited is an investment holding company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands with limited liability under the International Business Companies Ordinance (No. 8 of 1984). Its major subsidiaries, namely Winton Financial Limited ("Winton") and Winton Motors, Limited (together hereinafter known as "Winton Group"), are engaged in the provision of personal lending and mortgage loans, financing of public vehicles such as taxis and public light buses, trading of taxi cabs and licenses, leasing and management of taxis.

Winton (B.V.I.) Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Public Financial Holdings Limited ("Public Financial"), whose shares are listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code : 626).

The ultimate holding company of Winton (B.V.I.) Limited is Public Bank Berhad, one of the leading commercial banks in Malaysia.